The Hot Connection Indicator

The multi-award winning electrical fire safety product

Simple Push-On or Self-Adhesive Application

Push-on or self-adhesive application make Safe Connect Electrical Fire Safety Products quick and easy to install retrospectively on to existing electrical installations.

Distinct Safety Benefits over Thermal Camera Electrical Inspections

24/7 monitoring and memory colour change (permanent) provide distinct benefits over conventional periodic visual or thermal camera inspections of electrical installations.

Visual Indication of Elevated Temperature to the Naked Eye

Easy to read visual colour change indication to the naked eye.

24/7 Continuous Safety Monitoring

24/7 continuous safety monitoring giving predictive warning and controlled planned maintenance rather than costly unplanned breakdown.

The Hot Plug Indicator

Protecting plugs, adapters and extension leads against electrical fire or breakdown

Memory Colour Change (permanent)

Memory colour change that highlights issues in non-continuous load applications that would not be picked up during periodic thermal camera inspection.

The Hot Connection Indicator Cable Wrap

The brand new electrical fire safety product for larger industrial applications

Multi-Award Winning Electrical Fire Safety Products

The Hot Connection Indicator has so far won two 2018 Electrical Industry Awards and the 2019 Electrical Review Excellence Award for Fire Safety and Security.  Was Highly Commended in the 2017 IET Innovation Awards and a finalist in the Electrical Safety First 2018 Safety Product of the Year Award.


The Hot Plug Indicator and Hot Connection Cable Wrap, both launched in 2019, won the 2019 Electrical Industry Awards for Residential/Domestic Product of the Year and Industrial Product of the Year, respectively.