Permanent colour change and 24/7 monitoring of electrical connections provide a brand new safety feature for periodic electrical inspections.

HCI's highlight heated connections at their early stage of development before they reach temperatures capable of damaging PVC insulation and long before they are capable of causing fire or breakdown.

Simple Push-On Fit.

No Disconnection Required.

The New Electrical Safety Innovation Helping Protect Lives, Homes and Businesses against electrical connection fires.

Use as an alternative, or to complement, thermal camera inspections of electrical installations but with the HCI benefits of 24/7 monitoring and historic heat indication.

The HCI's permanent colour change enables identification of heated connections that may not be seen during normal inspections of electrical installations (visual or thermal camera). This is due to the possibility that any affected connections may be cooled due to being off-load or isolated at the time of inspection.

Contactor Connections