Visual Indication to the Naked Eye

See with the naked eye if electrical connections or circuits are heated or overloaded.  Cable wraps can be fitted to any cable size.  Permanent colour change from white to black if heated.

Quick and Easy to Install

The cable wrap is self-adhesive and simply adheres around cables or onto the outside of electrical switch gear or enclosures.

Distinct Safety Benefits over Thermal Surveys

The cable wraps 24/7 monitoring and permanent colour change (historic heat indication) provide distinct benefits over conventional periodic visual or thermal camera inspections of electrical installations.

Pre-emptive Fault Indication

Early warning of developing high resistance / high temperature connections and equipment before PVC or insulation damage and long before plant breakdown or the risk of fire.

Protect Your Critical Electrical Assets

Specify and install hot connection cable wraps into your electrical asset maintenance routines and protect your critical assets, property and business.  Preserve your business presence.

2019 Electrical Industry Awards

Launched in September 2019 the hot connection cable wrap was selected as a WINNER in the 2019 Electrical Industry Awards for “Industrial Product of the Year”.

The Hot Connection Cable Wrap Indicator

The Brand New Electrical Safety Innovation Helping Protect Lives, Homes and Businesses Against Electrical Connection Fires

Heated Electrical Connections

The Hot Connection Cable Wrap Indicator is a calibrated temperature sensitive activation strip which permanently changes colour from white to black at elevated temperature and provides pre-emptive temperature fault indication, highlighting high resistance connections and/or cable overload. The permanent colour change also gives historic heat indication.

Hot Connection Cable Wrap Indicators are available with 70°C or 90°C activation temperatures and are designed to be applied to cables above 15mm diameter. They can also be applied to the visible external surfaces of electrical enclosures, connectors and switchgear.

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