The Hot Connection Indicator Colour Changing Temperature Indicators that
give early warning of developing high
Resistance/high temperature Connections
(Patent Pending/PCT) Multi-Award Winning Product
Electrical Industry Awards 2018
Project 3 High Resistance Electrical Connections
Cause Costly Electrical Breakdowns &
Destroy Life, Property & Business
Simple Push-On Fit
No Disconnection Required
Permanent Colour Change
at 70°C
The Brand New Essential Electrical Safety
Accessory For Those Carrying Out
Periodic & Intermediate
Electrical Inspections
HCIs Provide Temperature Indication Before
PVC or Insulation Damage and
Long Before Breakdown or Fire
24/7 Monitoring &
Historic Heat Indication Provide
New Safety Benefits for Periodic Inspections
24/7 Monitoring & Historic Heat Indication;
Distinct Advantages Over Conventional
Visual & Thermal Camera Periodic Inspections
HCIs are available in sizes
to fit all cables between
1mm² and 70mm² csa

Simple Push-On Application, no disconnection required

Simple application, no disconnection required make it so easy to install retrospectively onto existing electrical installations or include into new installations.

Distinct Safety Benefits over Thermal Camera Inspections

The Hot Connection Indicators give 24/7 monitoring and memory colour change (permanent) and provide distinct benefits over conventional periodic visual or thermal camera inspections of electrical installations.

Multi-Award Winning Electrical Fire Safety Product

Winner of two 2018 Electrical Industry Awards, the 2019 Electrical Review Excellence Award for Fire Safety & Security.  Highly commended in the 2017 IET Innovation Awards and finalist in the Electrical Safety First 2018 Safety Product of the Year Award.  What an honour!

Easy to Read Visual Indication to the Naked Eye

See with the naked eye if electrical connections or circuits have been heated with the memory colour change (permanent) function.

24/7 Continuous Safety Monitoring

24/7 continuous safety monitoring giving predictive warning and controlled planned maintenance rather than costly unplanned breakdown.

Memory Colour Change (permanent)

Memory colour change (permanent) that highlights issues in non-continuous load applications that would not be picked up during periodic thermal camera inspection.

The Hot Connection Indicator

The Brand New Electrical Safety Innovation Helping Protect Lives, Homes and Businesses Against Electrical Connection Fires

Heated Electrical Connections

The Hot Connection Indicators’ permanent colour change enables identification of heated connections that may not be seen during normal inspections of electrical installations (visual or thermal camera). This is due to the possibility that any affected connections may be cooled due to being off-load or isolated at the time of inspection.

Use as an alternative, or to complement, thermal camera inspections of electrical installations but with the HCI benefits of 24/7 monitoring and Permanent Colour Change.

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